Is there something weird going on with the temperature/fan

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Is there something weird going on with the temperature/fan

Post by XBoxgeek » Thu Jan 01, 2004 12:02 am


Is there something weird going on with temperature/fan control within Gentoox?

The other day my server increased temperature and the fan speed ramped up. I was not doing anything on the server and I had no processor intensive apps running. I done a reboot and the temperature instantly went back to normal (it could not have cooled down that much with just a reboot). The same thing happend just now.

Curiosly I looked at you temperature history and I saw that you had a spike the same as me. Is this just a coincidence?

My temperature history
Your temperature history
Your fan history


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Post by ShALLaX » Thu Jan 01, 2004 1:39 pm

Heh, i always have spikes. I was compiling Gnome over the last day or so which is why my graph looks this way. Your temperature can shoot up quite quickly, and drop equally as fast. I bet it only went to about 40C, which will make the fan rise in speed, but not by much. If you had waited 5 minutes, the fan would have dropped again.

Remember, that with fanctl, the fan by default spins at the xbox's default speed, so it NEVER lets your xbox overheat. If the temperature goes above 40C (or whatever you set), the fan speed will increase gradually until 70C (again, customisable) when your Xbox will shut down.

You may have had something like updatedb running in the background from crond which could cause you to heat up a bit. Dont be alarmed, theres nothing to worry about.
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