Overscan and resolution

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Overscan and resolution

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I do not know what I am doing wrong, but I have a huge overscan and the resolution (highest available) 6:40:480 is to small for most windows. For example most of the system settings windows seem to be to big (even when set to smallest size) to view the bottom of (meaning I cannot change or even see many of the settings).

Now this might be just a problem with overscan since I cannot see the bottom of the screen the windows might go down just go down that much more.
But the only option I have found so far for fixing overscan (xvidtune) does not work, when I change settings the screen remains the same.

it seems that GentooX does not have anyway to deal with this overscan, does it not happen with most TVs? Because it seems to make it unusable on mine. But maybe I am missing something The resolution makes it almost impossible to read any of the text that is on the screen and a lot of the important stuff seems to be in the overscan.
and the windows already do not fit on the screen so turning up the font size will just cause other problems.

does anyone have any suggestions of fixes or other OSes for the xbox?
i am starting to think that Gentoo will just not work for none HDTVs, has anyone reading this been able to get readable text that will fit on the screen on none HDTVs?
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