Getting GLX working?

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Getting GLX working?

Post by DrLame »

I got wine installed onto my xbox, but quickly ran into a problem. After installing diablo, I went to run it and got lots of errors. After talking to some gentoo guys I found out that apparently GLX isn't working with my nvxbox driver. Any idea how I can get it working?
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Re: Getting GLX working?

Post by rbsfou »

Well 3d on nvidia GPU's is only supported on x86 linux thru the Nvidia binary drivers. And needless to say, they don't support the Xbox's NV22 GPU.

I did read talk of someone patching an older version of them that works with 2.4 to recognize the GPU's PCI ID's, though that was a long time ago, and i don't recall reading any progress on this anywhere. I suspect the chip itself may be just different enough from a mainline NV GPU not to work :(

Maybe one day Nouveau (Open Source Nvidia driver project) will be supported...

If we had decent overscan, and something as snappy as fast as XBMC running on top of linux i would ditch it for the extra functionality i would have. But i suspect (lack of) RAM is a big problem here :(

I really wish i knew C, how to use GDB, some x86 and the necessary Kernel API's as i certainly have the enthusiasm for helping out with this (with linux i have always very much lived in userland).
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