What's new with the Gentoox community?

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What's new with the Gentoox community?

Post by winterborne »

Hey guys,

The PHPBB script tells me that I haven't logged in since 2006. That's a long time. How's my favourite community doing?

Gentoox is the whole reason I learned to use Linux. I ran Gentoo (talk about jumping in the deep end! but the documentation was unparalleled) on my home PC for ages, then Ubuntu. Now I primarily use OSX (MacBook Pro), with Linux VMs for things that OSX isn't good for, and Linux on all my servers. The Linux/Unix experience has been invaluable to me in the job market and in my education.

Have there been any exciting developments here in the last few years? The main news page only seems to go back about a year :( and it isn't very Gentoox related.

Glad to see that the site finally got a face-lift, though!
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Re: What's new with the Gentoox community?

Post by ShALLaX »

Hi there!

I'm pretty much with you now. I use OSX (I have an iMac, 2 Mac Minis and I've just ordered a MacBook Air) for my "desktop" OS... but for servers, I'll always use Linux (still Gentoo at the moment).
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