and now?

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and now?

Post by chrisb »

Ok... right now..

I just deleted my gentoox server after I took a back up.
What do I do now?

1. Use XBMC as a uPnP server with all my music and stuff? (gonna miss the network drive)
2. Make a new Gentoox server with MediaTomb? (Samba server included)
3. Build a Win Server to do all the file serving? (Shared network dirs)

I hope some one can help me, I cant make up my mind..

More info:
I have an Xbox (1) in the bedroom with XBMC as an media center in the room.
I have a Nokia Dbox2 as an DVB-C tuner
I have a apple Mac Book as a laptop, with OS X
and I have a Acer 37" TV with Linux on itm so it can strean DivX and Xvid via Lan/Wan,
I allso have the my old gentoox server Xbox (1) with 500GB harddrive.
I could build a win / linux server with 2x300GB gardrives and some AMD cpu. (have a ATI HD2900 gfx laying aroud)
Xbox360 elite, WII, PS1, Nintendo 8bit is there as an addon..

What to do???
What can be the perfect soltion? and the most fun?
// ChrisB

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Re: and now?

Post by ShALLaX »

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