Xbox as a proxy server?

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Xbox as a proxy server?

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My school has very annoying filters designed to keep kids away from inappropriate sites. Everyone knows filters usually end up blocking more than that. My AP history teacher was trying to access a site about the Ku Klux Klan and he was blocked by that stupid filter. I suggested he use a proxy but when he googled it apparently those awesome IT guys had blocked every proxy they could find on the net :x . So that was when i decided I would attempt to create my own proxy and I just so happen to have the means to do it - gentoox. I had often left my xbox on and accessed it from school using telnet, ftp, ssh etc. but I have never tried to set it up as a proxy. Now I've looked into it a bit and it seems like the proxy i want is an intercepting web-proxy. Well the best daemon i could find was one called httpush. I just don't know if this is the right one because there seem to be many different types. Does anyone have any experience with this that could sort of point me in the right direction?

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There's existing free ones you can use, but with restricted bandwidth. Look at You can use it to do anything and it'll send it through an http proxy. It can also be used to generate a SOCKS5 proxy on the computer it's running on. Then you can just use yourself as a proxy and it'll route everything through the external servers. Catch is, you're limited to 5kbps unless you pay for it.

As for setting up one yourself, I've never done it either, so I can't help =/
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