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Slideshow doesn't work with XBoX remote

Posted: Tue Jul 17, 2007 10:56 am
by LiamMontgomery
In Pictures (MythTV Gallery) the Slideshow, Rotate & Import functions are not accessible using an XBoX DVD remote. Pressing the "Menu" button on the XBoX remote should access these functions. The issue is that the Menu button should map to "m" on a keyboard.

The only way to access the Slideshow, Rotate & Import functions is by pressing "m" on an attached USB keyboard (with USB to XBoX adapter) or by VNC'ing to XBoX and pressing "m" on PC keyboard.

If anyone knows how to change the DVD remote keyboard mapping please post.

GentooX MCE v1.3 / 320GB Seagate Hard Drive / XBoX Halo v1.2