Possible emerge --sync problem?

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Possible emerge --sync problem?

Post by Pyrite » Tue Jan 09, 2007 5:00 am

After running `emerge --sync` for the first time, the last few lines were:

Code: Select all


Number of files: 145807
Number of files transferred: 121970
Total file size: 158780762 bytes
Total transferred file size: 158780762 bytes
Literal data: 158780777 bytes
Matched data: 0 bytes
File list size: 3262276
File list generation time: 54.593 seconds
File list transfer time: 0.000 seconds
Total bytes sent: 2826521
Total bytes received: 167921737

sent 2826521 bytes  received 167921737 bytes  53889.30 bytes/sec
total size is 158780762  speedup is 0.93

>>> Updating Portage cache:      
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/bin/emerge", line 3004, in ?
    conf = portage.config(config_profile_path=portage.settings.profile_path[:], \
TypeError: unsubscriptable object
What is that TypeError and do I need to do anything to fix it?

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Post by cheesyboofs » Thu Jan 11, 2007 5:10 pm

All I can suggest is that you make sure your time is correct, every time emerge --sync has failed for me it has been because my time was to far out.
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