Gentoox recognizes 128 MB ramupdate, while other apps won't

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Gentoox recognizes 128 MB ramupdate, while other apps won't

Post by Emperor » Mon Oct 16, 2006 12:09 pm

Hello out there,

since over two years now we (friends of mine an me) have RAM upgraded XBoxes and they work fine with GentooX Home.
The 128 MB are recognized by the XBE-loader as well as under the OS, load afterwards.

But these days we got the information, that XBMC and several other apps also support 128 MB RAM. But they all don't see more than 64 MB on our boxes. We had not bothered about that phenomenon until now, but when looking on huge pictures, 128 MB would also be fine here with XBMC.

Sure this is no problem of GentooX and therefore no problem for you, but maybe someone can give us a hint, what we probably have made wrong!
Why can your pretty OS recognize the extended RAM and all other apps not?

We all use EvoX M8 BIOS to boot and the actual EvoX Dashboard, from where we start GentooX and all other apps.
I also tried the little tool an the apps to toggle the RAM usage flag. Nothing happened ...

Thank you very much so far for your help!

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