Fun uses for your xbox

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Fun uses for your xbox

Post by zlasher »

Ok - most of us has an xbox running linux - but what do we use it for??

Here is my list :

:: OpenDP500 (daemon)
Media source for my DP558 mediaplayer
:: Slimserver (perl daemon)
Media source for my Squeezebox
:: WWW
For various home projects
:: FTP
For various use (mostly used as a "drop off" for files when I'm on the run)
:: OSI server
For personal use on blogs and forums

I would also like to run a ventrilo server - but my ISP doesn't really allow me to run any (!) servers - But they can't keep all ports blocked - so I'm still trying to get that to work.. :-)

Anyone else has something interesting running on their boxes?

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Post by s717ch3s »

The whole reason I wanted to get GentooX on my box was to run a proxy script, so I could surf wherever I wanted from work.
Now they cant block any websites, I got the jmarshall CGI Proxy running on my box.

script -> ... -beta.html
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Post by Blackbelt »

got no "real" use for it at the moment.
I'm using the xbox to learn linux commands and get more familiar with this os

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Post by antihaxer »

Counter Strike: Source Server
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Post by orochi »

Apache + PHP
Postgresql Server
Teamspeak server
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Re: Fun uses for your xbox

Post by leperkuan »

web server---
apache w/php

by far the the most fun i had from my xbox was countless hours of online gaming!
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Re: Fun uses for your xbox

Post by clpalmer »

I used to use it as a firewall/NAT box that ran my web/ftp/samba/etc, but it's a bit underpowered and I wanted to get mythtv going so I got a new server and now I run both xboxes as mythtv/xbmc frontends.
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