Kernel Dump after Resctoox E: to Native

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Kernel Dump after Resctoox E: to Native

Post by orochi »

Hello all,

I dont think i would classify this as a bug, but the following didnt happen as intended.

I recently purchased a new xbox for the purpose of running Gentoox natively, so I installed a new 80gb hdd, TSOP flashed to Gentoox Bios 5.11 and moved my Gentoox install to my new xbox to E: (how it was on the old xbox)

All is well, system boots and works just fine off of E:. So I proceded to boot to Resctoox to switch from E: to Native. I boot up to Resctoox and run sh /bin/native and after I get the ok that everything copied over successfully and e:\rootfs has been removed I reboot to try out native install. However I am greeted by a kernel panic! The message I get is:

Code: Select all

------Truncated above------
detect's USB devices
reiserfs: checking transaction log (device ide0(3,2)) ...
for (ide0(3,2))
ide 0(3,2): Using r5 hash to sort names
* mount -o loop /cdrm/rootfs /ram
mount: /cdrm/rootfs: no such file or directory
mount: Could not setup loop device
* cd /ram
* pivot_root . initrd
pivot_root: pivot_root: no such file or directory
* /etc/init.d/devfsd start
/linuxrc: /etc/init.d/devfsd: no such file or directory
* [ ! -p /dev/initctl ]
* rm -f /dev/initctl
* mknod -m 600 /dev/initctl p
* kill -USR1 1
* umount -n /initrd/proc
* exec chroot . sh -c umount -n /initrd >/initrd >/dev/null 2>&1;\
exec -a /sbin/init 2
/linuxrc: cannot open dev/console: No such file or directory
Kernel panic: Attempted to kill init!
It works great when using TSOP with e:\rootfs, but after using resctoox to convert to native all goes crazy. Is it my e:\linuxboot.cfg that needs to be changed for native install? Did sh /bin/native not update initrd.gz correctly?

Im sure its not a bug, and that its something up with my setup, none the less im up for suggestions on what could be the problem :D

I think ill try it with a fresh install of Gentoo and try to sh /bin/native it and see if it still does it.

[Edit: Removed catchy Subject in light of getting some help :D ]
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Post by orochi »

extracting a fresh rootfs from Gentoox.ShALLaX.Pro-Edition-v2.0a.rar to e:\ and re running 'sh /bin/native' yelded success (atleast for a test), but i still cant get my rootfs ive been using for about 6months transfered over to native.

Is there anything that needs to be prepared in order to get this to work?
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