Resctoox advice

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Resctoox advice

Post by lidback »

I got my installation gone bad, and gonna use the resctoox.
But i _dont_ use a router. So i cant ssh/ftp to ...
I use my public ip/dns to ssh/ftp to my xbox.
can you make so people can do that in the future too?
now i have to format my native install with an 400 gig harddrive with alot of gig that i havent done backup on =/.

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Post by orochi »

although i have never used resctoox, im sure you can either do the following:

Use a USB keyboard connected to the xbox, login and set the system to use DHCP, then SSH in (at this point since you have USB keyboard connected to the system, just use the keyboard to fix your system :D)


use a computer with a crossover cable to fix the system, just set its ip address within make your adjustments via ssh
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