Accessing an internal ftp server over the web.

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Accessing an internal ftp server over the web.

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Ok I have a ftp server set up with an internal ip address of; I know what my external ip address is, that is the one that my router accepts, coming from the cable modem...My question is, how do I access the ftp server from a remote computer, not on my local network? :?:
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You need to map port 21 on your routers wan port (the bit that plugs in to the wall) to your computers ip address on the lan side ( it will be in your routers manual under something like ‘virtual servers’ or something.
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I've also seen it called "Port Forwarding", "Special Applications", "Remote Sites" and a few other terms. There's a good site that lists a ton of routers and how to configure them for various services.
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Post by adash »

i have the same problem but i have a SpeedStream 4200 dsl modem, and that is connected to a D-Link DI-524 Wireless Router and I have a NAS attached to the wireless router. The NAS has a built in ftp server, how can i access this from an external computer (ftp server), i'm stuck don't know if i have to configure both the wireless router and the modem for this to happen. any help would be greatly appeciated.......
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