Very surprised about your stable coding

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Very surprised about your stable coding

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I've choosen xbox as platform cause i'd wanted a silent linux server in the living room with video out and ended in xbox v. 1.6, 120g hd, xecutor3CE modchip.

Gambling around with diffent distros i finally left the full ones behind.

Nevertheless, the Samsung DVD drive refused ordinary CDRs, but with a temporary 50x atapi Drive the installation worked.

I found your MCE 1.3 not to complain about any library when compiling my Sources (Net::SSLeay was only exception from the rule).

The reason for thsi post QTSS-Sourcetree of Darwin Quicktime Streaming Server 5.5.1 is currently running on the MCE-Box with SSL-Admin Interface.

I did not check the streaming input/output yet, but even the 4.0 API Communication between Server and Admin-Interface worked at first try.

Ido not know, if someone already scripted a myth-control Interface?

One thing i looked out for was iptables for firewalling - is there a stable kernel-version with it ?


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