Contimplating MCE Install..

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Contimplating MCE Install..

Post by tharien »

I've been reading about the install of MCE for a while, im an avid user and an intermediate xbox adjuster :wink:. I use XBMC for most of my media but it doesnt have the inclusion of a browser, now i also use the recently released XDSL for my web browsing needs. The problem with XDSL is its like playing with a "demo" of linux. You can tplay all you want, but it all runs off a ram drive so nothing ever stays saved (as side from a backed up config file) and you cant run/install/download anything new.

When it comes to linux the only advantage i have over a total noob is i have played around with red-hat and mandrake a bit and have a general understanding of its file structure (i only stopped using it out of frustraion on driver installs and the constant need for text based commands)

My experience leaves me with 2 questions.

1) After inital install and setup/customization, will there be a whole lot of commands i need to use it as my central media center?

2) Is it possible to install MCE and retain a portion of my original xbox file structure on F: to allow for regular xbox use? (possibly by modifying an install parimeter to partition XXXXKb)

I can handle the occasional command for installation or software updates, but if the answer to 2 is a flat no then ill just stick with what i have and wait on building a media pc for my entertainment center.
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Post by wHack »

1. No you won't ever NEED a command to use it as a media center. It runs fine on it's own from install. All graphical. Commands are only necessary for more advanced tweaking which you may never feel the need for.

2. Yes but it's not really openly discussed and it's a little tricky I can help with it if you want to try but I still don't have it working compleatly like i'd like to and I'm not sure what the install script for the last build looks like I think he changed it. Also if you do it F: will have to be 137Gb and the rest of you free space will go to linux. Or at least thats the only way I've gotten it to work. You can find more info searching this forum.
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