No (or low?) scart switch voltage

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No (or low?) scart switch voltage

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Running Gentoox Home 3.2 on a very early JPN box (bought on release day).
Using Evox dash 3935 and an Evox M7 bios.
Installed to E via ftp
Running xfce, "composite" pal 800x600 hoc13, voc15.
The xbox is connected via Scart to a mechanical switch box into a Sky+ receiver, then into a 4:3 JVC TV, using RGB.
Xbox boot animation, Evox dash, and all games all set the Scart pin 8 control signal so that the Sky box & TV switch to display the Xbox automatically.

As soon as I launch Gentoox from the dash the TV switches back to showing analog TV. If I manually select the AV0 channel on the TV then I can see the Xbox output perfectly, in crisp RGB.

The Sky+ box must be seeing some voltage on pin8 and is therefor switching to display the Xbox input, but my TV doesn't see enough voltage to switch. (From previous experience, I don't think my TV will switch to a 16:9 switch voltage (5v) but needs a 4:3 (12V) signal.)

I think Gentoox may be configuring the video chip to output a 16:9 switch voltage, when it should be setting it to 4:3.

Hope this helps


p.s. Easiest Linux install I have ever done, thanks!
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Post by ShALLaX »

Useful analysis! You should submit this to the xbox-linux devel mailing list at!
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Post by otto »

Same problem with my TV by using of Gentoox it always switches from the AV channel to a analog Channel.
By using of evox theres no problem.
I thought this would be a problem of my TV because on other TV´s it works perfect but seems not.
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