I can't Uninstall. Please help.

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I can't Uninstall. Please help.

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Firstly I have spent several hours looking through the Manuals & Tutorials and I'm still none the wiser.

I had Evo X running nice.

I Burned Gentoox.ShALLaX.Media-Center-v1.1 onto disk and started it in my xbox expecting it to ask questions. Insted it whent ahead and installed the loader on its own.

I have repededly tried to run & restore MCE and repeatedly run the stardust program. But all I get is somthing about my graphics encoder is not supported.

I am now left with an xbox that will not run MCE, wont let me run Evo X, wont let me FTP in and aparently no way of removing the damage I have done and resetting Evo X.

I do have my Evo X boot disk which now seems to be usless. I also have my drives backed up on my PC (but now know way to restore.)

There are lots of similar posts to this I have found and none realy give a strate answer so it cant just be me.

All I want to do is reverse the MCE install disk and rest Evo X. Simple ah. Perhaps this should be an option on the boot menu, as it was all done autmaticaly in the first place.
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sounds like you might have a 1.6 xbox, MCE does not support these. Download resctoox from the link above and reflash your bios.

Next time read the manual before you start.
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