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Bash prompt in MCE

Posted: Wed Sep 08, 2004 7:00 am
by jimmydu3
Hi I was just wondering if it is possible to exit out of MythTV and get to the bash prompt?How? As of now, when I exit from MythTV the system just shuts down.

Posted: Wed Sep 08, 2004 7:15 am
by nobspangle
You could try ctrl+alt+backspace

best thing to do if you want a prompt, is to login over ssh

Posted: Thu Sep 09, 2004 12:09 am
by jimmydu3
thanks for the help. I am a noob to all this, but how to I bring up login over SSH in MCE? Thanks again. James

Where's the kernel stored?

Posted: Thu Sep 09, 2004 3:42 am
by jimmydu3
nevermind, I figured it out....BUT I have a new question. I'm trying to build and run a new kernel. I've downloaded it, compiled it, but I just don't know where to place the kernel to get it to boot. I've tried putting the new vmlinuz in /boot but it doesn't work. Where is the kernel stored in MCE?

Posted: Sun Jan 02, 2005 2:01 pm
by kopibean
I have tried the CTRL-ALT-Backspace but it doesnt work on my MythTV console. Is there any other way that i can configure the MythTV to launch a bash prompt?