boot arrangment..

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boot arrangment..

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i have a x2 lite chip, and got pwnt by mce installing the bios over the whole chip instead of 1 sector only :(, anyway

what i was most annoyed with in it was on the main boot screen, you can either choose launch mce, home, rescue, cd boot

with the cd boot, i see that you are Only allowed to use the MCE cd!! - why not make it so you can use any cd, incase you want to change your setup.etc (i just spent the last 48hrs with my box trying to flash the bios back, which i still havnt done yet - but i couldnt even get into mce, until now, but if i had have been able to run my cds, they would have flashed the bios back and setup all my drives.etc back to normal) - so id like to see that (3rd party cd booting basically)

and the other thing
just before mce opens for the first time, wheere it asks for screen res, hvoc.etc, it should have a better explaination about how to choose the option, eg, somthing as simple as 'Double press A on line to highlight entire line, then press X to move on'.. that must have been the most confusing part of all, trying to work out which button did what :/
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You can install Gentoox within the MCE installation... with Gentoox, you can do anything --- Including BIOS reflashing. I disabled third party CD booting because it just will NOT work properly.
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