Black & white Screen after magic update :/

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Black & white Screen after magic update :/

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Ok so i have an xbox 1.0 , with a 256k aladin like modchips and with the last gentoox bios loader . I had my screen in color ( xfce etc ... ) just before the magic update, but after not :'(
It was working nice for me with this xbox there is a few mounth, and after the magic update too. I ran xbvset but nothing change.
I have a composite cable.
U should maybe now that my xbox is damaged, i got no video anymore with all evox/xecuter/official bioses, only this gentoox bios was working so nice ( i think my 3d video controler is broken ).

Someone have a idea to fix this new probleme ? :'(
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Post by ShALLaX »

This was down to his eeprom being screwed, somehow he set his video region to "0" which doesnt exist, it therefore defaulted to NTSC which wasnt compatible with his TV.
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