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Stardust Install Logic Problem

Posted: Wed Mar 31, 2004 2:08 am
by Schultz
I came accross this problem when i was attempting to do a native install and i also wanted to flash my bios Cromwell bios..

During the Process the Initial Install went fine except for when it came to flashing my bios.. Raincoat couldn't flash my bios (because wasn't updated with definition for my bios).. so it error'ed out.. This wasn't a problem as i know how to flash it manually.. But when i rebooted i looked and noticed it was running off a virtual reiserfs partition on my E drive.. After that i dug into the installer code and it looks like you create the virtual system.. unrar everything to that and then try to flash the bios and then mount the native F drive and copy everything over.. I was just suggesting that shouldn't you flash the bios after the copying from the loopback filesystem to native F so that this problem don't prevent it? thanks..


Posted: Wed Mar 31, 2004 1:25 pm
by ShALLaX
Wow.. a decent bug report! Thanks! Ill look right into it...

Ok this should be fixed for the next release. The reason I never really saw this as a problem is because if anything went wrong in the installation, I generally wanted it to fail so the user knew to restart it. I guess the bios flash failing isnt too much of a terrible problem though.

Posted: Thu Apr 01, 2004 10:52 am
by Schultz
No it isn't.. once it failed i just put the bios into EvoX and flashed my TSOP with that.. to get Cromwell onto my tsop.. and only after i did that did i notice it was still working in loopback.. i thought the whole process was completed.. and then i watched it without selecting the flash tsop and it worked fine .. thats what made me dig into your installer code.. May i make a recommendation to update flash definitions for raincoat for next install.. mine was a Hynix TSOP that it couldn't flash.. there is a Unofficial raincoat .7 that has alot of Flash definitions for everything that would probably fit this situation..

Also i have never used Gentoo before until now.. and So far i have really liked it.. I generally used Slackware for my Linux distro and i always / generally compile my packages anyway.. So portage makes my life alot easier.

Posted: Fri Apr 02, 2004 3:45 am
by ShALLaX
Yeah, ive been meaning to add all the flashtypes i can find.