Welcome/ rules!

Important information relating to Gentoox. Users may not post or reply in this forum but may vote on polls.
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Welcome/ rules!

Post by ShALLaX »

Welcome to the new ShALLaX.com forums. As you can see, it's a lot slicker than the old bazooka boards (this one uses mysql so it should be much quicker).

The rules here are quite simple:

Nothing that could possible by illegal in any country/ state (this includes links to external sites with illegal material)
No pornography,
No racial slurs,
No hate posts,
There are to be no anti-??? posts (i.e. anti-microsoft etc),
Keep flaming to an absolute minimum unless the person totally deserves it (Yes, flaming can be funny - but only when its called for),
Be tolerant of each other, some people are more advanced than others,
None of the posts within this forum reflect my beliefs unless they are posted/ backed by myself,
There is to be absolutely no abuse of this FREE service (i.e. hacking, stealing passwords, entering my server through unauthorised access, etc...),
No one is to ask for staff/ moderator status - If I find the need for such volunteers in the future, I will pick them personally.
Strictly NO FLAMING in the newbie forum!

By using these forums you agree that I may mass mail you information strictly related to "The Gentoox Project" and server status (We're talking about 1-2 emails per month at most). Your email address will never be sold to an advertising company, or sent spam on another company's behalf.

If you do not agree to these rules, you MUST unregister immediately.

These rules may be updated/ changed at any time with or without mass notification.

People who come across any violations of the rules listed above MUST inform an admin or moderator immediately.

Anyone found breaking these basic rules will be banned immediately by host without question at my discretion.

There, with that all said - enjoy yourself!
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