Gentoox LCDproc Support

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Gentoox LCDproc Support

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I'm currently looking into experimenting with Linux on a Xbox.
While I don't currently own an Xbox, I have one on the way that I recently purchased on Ebay.

I'm hoping to build a Gentoox MythTV front end.

After searching through the forum I have noticed that there is a lack of support for an LCD with Gentoox, but I think I may have found several solutions.

First XBoxs have an I2C bus. LCDproc now has I2C support using a PCF8574P I2C-Port-Expander ... 2c.circuit

There is another method that I found hidden on the net that apparently allows LCDproc support for an Xecuter 3 LCD. ... 26648.html
Xecuter 3 apparently uses the SmartXX method to talk to an LCD so this should be rather universal as the Aladdin Modchips use the same protocol.

I'm just wondering if anyone else has had success with either of these methods?
I hope to experiment with both in the not to distant future.


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