Source code available for gentoox loader 5.1 ?

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Source code available for gentoox loader 5.1 ?

Post by madde »


The new gentoox loader is nice. I would like to adapt it for my needs a bit but i could not find the source code somewhere ...

So where could i download the sourcecode for gentoox loader 5.1 ?


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Post by Bucko »

It's based on Cromwell, I think has the source code, though I think shallax is going to release the source when it's ready.
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Post by carton »

I mirrored the source code at:


There's no guarantee we can continue getting source to new builds of shallax's rebranded Cromwell, but at least the source for v5.11 is mirrored on my web server.

I asked for the source code on, and shallax gave me the deep link to the secret :2000 web server you see on that page, then KLined me of the irc server and blocked my host from access to the source code web server.

so, don't piss him off, or he'll block your access to the source code, kick you off irc, and delete all your forum postings.

This is why support really needs to be over mailing lists, not web forums. The mod chip companies like Team Xecuter do the same thing: they deleted my friends' warning post about the program-over-parallel-port feature not working, after privately admitting the chip was misdesigned and would never program over the parallel port as advertised, and refusing to replace it. In practice, it seems the opportunity for childish and self-serving censorship on web forums almost never goes unused.
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Post by vplayer »


Its a lot difficult to "piss him off", we have seen shallax has a lot of patience and also is clear on what he can give and change. We have seen that he also encourages people who try new stuff on their own, thats how he got all this going.

Just be respectful when you deal with people and you will get the same kinda respect. More over they deserve it for what they have done.

There is the magic_repository in the main site, have you looked under there.

hope that helps,
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Post by carton »

Thanks for your reply, but I'm not asking for interpersonal advice. I think I'm doing just fine, since I succeeded in getting source code out of him, while to my friend who was working on our XBox before me, Pedley just kept saying, ``it's on my web site.'' without giving a URL, and he couldn't find it. This guy in the web forums didn't find it either. I finally got it.

I'm asking simply for GPL compliance, which means offering binaries and sources for download from the same place rather than trying to obfuscate the location of the source, moving it from place to place, giving people terse answers when they ask for it, so that nobody on the forums nor on Irc knows where it is.

It specifically does _not_ mean revoking access to the source code distribution server to people who ask you publicly for source, as Pedley did to me.

This guy should be interested in making sure we have easy access to the source code. He should be surprised if someone complains we don't, and he should be eager to fix the situation. The fact that he's not shows there's something wrong with his attitude. His response in this case is very suspicious, and suggests that I'm right there has been a problem all along. How can you say he's not trying to keep people from accessing the source, when *he has banned my host's access to the source code server*. I had to browse from another IP just to get in.

I'm all for appreciating people's contribution, but I see no reason to tip-toe around the issue when someone who ought to know better is causing real problems by paying lip service to the GPL and setting up all kinds of bans and censorship and access restrictions on anyone who asks for source code. His behavior is reprehensible and shouldn't be tolerated by the community. Comply with the GPL first. Don't hem and haw and do what you believe is the absolute minimum (which I still contend is not adequate for compliance). Once Pedley starts respecting the significant work upon which his minor rebranding changes are based, and not censoring people who ask for their rights under the GPL, then I can focus on being appreciative of his contribution, but for now that seems like the minor issue to me, and this the major issue.
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Post by void513 »

the only only one to complaint about seem to be u
instead of bitching about it u try asking nicly first
and not result to threats and source pretty much has always been on the site. i just some ppl are to lazy to lookand rather complain about it
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Re: Source code available for gentoox loader 5.1 ?

Post by ShALLaX »

Just FYI, the source is available at and always has been, contrary to claims.
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