Hi there... Time to put linux on my xbox....

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Hi there... Time to put linux on my xbox....

Post by DrLame » Thu Jul 03, 2008 10:23 am

I've had my xbox softmodded for a while, and I'm finally interested in putting linux on it. You guys definately seem like the most active project for this. So, I was wondering a few things....

1) I should have no problem doing a cd install with a softmod on my xbox, right? Ideally I'd like to boot to my current dashboard, then boot gentoox from there, but that's negotiable lol

2) Is it possible to put Wine or a similar program onto gentoox? I would like to be able to run some old windows games that don't take many resources.

3) You guys run any uber linux games that I should stick on after I install? I'm into all kinds of genres, so any suggestions help =)


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Re: Hi there... Time to put linux on my xbox....

Post by clpalmer » Fri Jul 04, 2008 4:02 am

You can do a soft install and, though I've never done it and don't know the details, I believe you can just launch it from whatever dashboard you use.

You can pretty much do anything with it that you could normally do with any other linux installation. The only caveat is that the display isn't particularly clear and it runs quite slow. I wouldn't really recommend running linux games on it, but some lower resource ones that don't need too detailed display should run ok. Not sure how wine would perform.

It'd also probably be quite helpful if you consider adding another 64MB RAM to it.

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