Php install problem

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Php install problem

Post by antihaxer » Sat Sep 02, 2006 4:03 am

When I try to emerge php I get the following error.

Xbox ~ # emerge php
Calculating dependencies... done!
>>> Emerging (1 of 1) dev-lang/php-5.1.4-r6 to /
>>> checking ebuild checksums ;-)
>>> checking auxfile checksums ;-)
>>> checking miscfile checksums ;-)
>>> checking php-5.1.4.tar.bz2 ;-)
>>> checking php-patchset-5.1.4-r6.tar.bz2 ;-)
* Determining SAPI(s) to build
* Enabled SAPI: cli
* Disabled SAPI: cgi
* Disabled SAPI: apache
* Enabled SAPI: apache2
* If this package fails with a fatal error about Apache2 not having
* been compiled with a compatible MPM, this is normally because you
* need to toggle the 'threads' USE flag.
* If 'threads' is off, try switching it on.
* If 'threads' is on, try switching it off.
* USE flag 'truetype' needs one of these additional flag(s) set:
* gd gd-external
* 'gd' was automatically selected and enabled.
* You can change that by enabling/disabling those flags accordingly
* in /etc/portage/package.use.
* USE flag 'sharedmem' conflicts with these USE flag(s):
* threads
* You must disable these conflicting flags before you can emerge this package.
* You can do this by disabling these flags in /etc/portage/package.use:
* =dev-lang/php-5.1.4-r6 -threads

!!! ERROR: dev-lang/php-5.1.4-r6 failed.
Call stack:, line 1555: Called dyn_setup, line 668: Called pkg_setup
php-5.1.4-r6.ebuild, line 106: Called php5_1-sapi_pkg_setup
php5_1-sapi.eclass, line 268: Called php5_1-sapi_check_use_flags
php5_1-sapi.eclass, line 194: Called phpconfutils_use_conflict 'sharedmem' 'threads'
phpconfutils.eclass, line 163: Called die

!!! Conflicting USE flags found
!!! If you need support, post the topmost build error, and the call stack if relevant.

I can not find package.use on my xbox anywhere so i can't fix the flags.

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Post by orochi » Sat Sep 02, 2006 8:52 am

its telling you where to look

Code: Select all

!!! Conflicting USE flags found
!!! If you need support, post the topmost build error, and the call stack if relevant. 

paste your USE flags from /etc/make.conf here

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Post by antihaxer » Sat Sep 02, 2006 1:42 pm

# Copyright 2000-2003 Daniel Robbins, Gentoo Technologies, Inc.
# Contains local system settings for Portage system
# $Header: /home/cvsroot/gentoo-src/portage/cnf/make.conf,v 1.61 2003/05/20 09:16:00 carpaski Exp $

# Please review 'man make.conf' for more information.

# Build-time functionality
# ========================
# The USE variable is used to enable optional build-time functionality. For
# example, quite a few packages have optional X, gtk or GNOME functionality
# that can only be enabled or disabled at compile-time. Gentoo Linux has a
# very extensive set of USE variables described in our USE variable HOWTO at
# The available list of use flags with descriptions is in your portage tree.
# Use 'less' to view them: --> less /usr/portage/profiles/use.desc <--
# 'ufed' is an ncurses/dialog interface available in portage to make handling
# useflags for you. 'emerge app-admin/ufed'
# Example:
USE="X aalib acl -acpi aim alsa apache2 -apm arts audiofile avi bash-completion bmp bzlib calendar cdparanoia cdr crypt cups dga divx4linux dvd dvdr dvdread encode esd ethereal exif flac flash freetype ftp gif -gnome gphoto2 gpm gtk gtk2 icq imagemagick imap imlib java javascript joystick jpeg kde libg++ libwww maildir memlimit mikmod mime mmx mono motif mozilla mp3 mpeg msn mysql ncurses nocardbus nocd offensive ogg oggvorbis openal opengl oscar oss pdflib perl php png posix python qt quicktime samba sdl server sharedmem sndfile spell sse ssl svg sysfs tcltk tcpd threads tiff tokenizer truetype unicode usb v4l vhosts videos wifi wmf xine xml xml2 xmms xv xvid yahoo zlib "

# Host Setting
# ============
# If you are using a Pentium Pro or greater processor, leave this line as-is;
# otherwise, change to i586, i486 or i386 as appropriate. All modern systems
# (even Athlons) should use "i686-pc-linux-gnu". All K6's are i586.

# Host and optimization settings
# ==============================
# For optimal performance, enable a CFLAGS setting appropriate for your CPU.
# Please note that if you experience strange issues with a package, it may be
# due to gcc's optimizations interacting in a strange way. Please test the
# package (and in some cases the libraries it uses) at default optimizations
# before reporting errors to developers.
# -mcpu=<cpu-type> means optimize code for the particular type of CPU without
# breaking compatibility with other CPUs.
# -march=<cpu-type> means to take full advantage of the ABI and instructions
# for the particular CPU; this will break compatibility with older CPUs (for
# example, -march=athlon-xp code will not run on a regular Athlon, and
# -march=i686 code will not run on a Pentium Classic.
# CPU types supported in gcc-3.2 and higher: athlon-xp, athlon-mp,
# athlon-tbird, athlon, k6, k6-2, k6-3, i386, i486, i586 (Pentium), i686
# (PentiumPro), pentium, pentium-mmx, pentiumpro, pentium2 (Celeron), pentium3.
# Note that Gentoo Linux 1.4 and higher include at least gcc-3.2.
# CPU types supported in gcc-2.95*: k6, i386, i486, i586 (Pentium), i686
# (Pentium Pro), pentium, pentiumpro Gentoo Linux 1.2 and below use gcc-2.95*
# Decent examples:
#CFLAGS="-mcpu=athlon-xp -O3 -pipe"
CFLAGS="-march=pentium3 -O2 -fomit-frame-pointer -pipe"

# If you set a CFLAGS above, then this line will set your default C++ flags to
# the same settings.

# Advanced Masking
# ================
# Gentoo is using a new masking system to allow for easier stability testing
# on packages. KEYWORDS are used in ebuilds to mask and unmask packages based
# on the platform they are set for. A special form has been added that
# indicates packages and revisions that are expected to work, but have not yet
# been approved for the stable set. '~arch' is a superset of 'arch' which
# includes the unstable, in testing, packages. Users of the 'x86' architecture
# would add '~x86' to ACCEPT_KEYWORDS to enable unstable/testing packages.
# '~ppc', '~sparc', '~sparc64' are the unstable KEYWORDS for their respective

# Portage Directories
# ===================
# Each of these settings controls an aspect of portage's storage and file
# system usage. If you change any of these, be sure it is available when
# you try to use portage. *** DO NOT INCLUDE A TRAILING "/" ***
# PORTAGE_TMPDIR is the location portage will use for compilations and
# temporary storage of data. This can get VERY large depending upon
# the application being installed.
# PORTDIR is the location of the portage tree. This is the repository
# for all profile information as well as all ebuilds. This directory
# itself can reach 200M. WE DO NOT RECOMMEND that you change this.
# DISTDIR is where all of the source code tarballs will be placed for
# emerges. The source code is maintained here unless you delete
# it. The entire repository of tarballs for gentoo is 9G. This is
# considerably more than any user will ever download. 2-3G is
# a large DISTDIR.
# PKGDIR is the location of binary packages that you can have created
# with '--buildpkg' or '-b' while emerging a package. This can get
# upto several hundred megs, or even a few gigs.
# PORT_LOGDIR is the location where portage will store all the logs it
# creates from each individual merge. They are stored as YYMMDD-$PF.log
# in the directory specified. This is disabled until you enable it by
# providing a directory. Permissions will be modified as needed IF the
# directory exists, otherwise logging will be disabled.
# PORTDIR_OVERLAY is a directory where local ebuilds may be stored without
# concern that they will be deleted by rsync updates. Default is not
# defined.

# Fetching files
# ==============
# If you need to set a proxy for wget or lukemftp, add the appropriate "export
# ftp_proxy=<proxy>" and "export http_proxy=<proxy>" lines to /etc/profile if
# all users on your system should use them.
# Portage uses wget by default. Here are some settings for some alternate
# downloaders -- note that you need to merge these programs first before they
# will be available.
# Default fetch command (5 tries, passive ftp for firewall compatibility)
#FETCHCOMMAND="/usr/bin/wget -t 5 --passive-ftp \${URI} -P \${DISTDIR}"
#RESUMECOMMAND="/usr/bin/wget -c -t 5 --passive-ftp \${URI} -P \${DISTDIR}"
# Using wget, ratelimiting downloads
#FETCHCOMMAND="/usr/bin/wget -t 5 --passive-ftp --limit-rate=200k \${URI} -P \${DISTDIR}"
#RESUMECOMMAND="/usr/bin/wget -c -t 5 --passive-ftp --limit-rate=200k \${URI} -P \${DISTDIR}"
# Lukemftp (BSD ftp):
#FETCHCOMMAND="/usr/bin/lukemftp -s -a -o \${DISTDIR}/\${FILE} \${URI}"
#RESUMECOMMAND="/usr/bin/lukemftp -s -a -R -o \${DISTDIR}/\${FILE} \${URI}"
# Prozilla (turbo downloader)
#FETCHCOMMAND='/usr/bin/proz --no-getch -s ${URI} -P ${DISTDIR}'
# Portage uses GENTOO_MIRRORS to specify mirrors to use for source retrieval.
# The list is a space seperated list which is read left to right. If you use
# another mirror we highly recommend leaving the default mirror at the end of
# the list so that portage will fall back to it if the files cannot be found
# on your specified mirror. We _HIGHLY_ recommend that you change this setting
# to a nearby mirror by merging and using the 'mirrorselect' tool.

# Advanced Features
# =================
# MAKEOPTS provides extra options that may be passed to 'make' when a
# program is compiled. Presently the only use is for specifying
# the number of parallel makes (-j) to perform. The suggested number
# for parallel makes is CPUs+1.
# PORTAGE_NICENESS provides a default increment to emerge's niceness level.
# Note: This is an increment. Running emerge in a niced environment will
# reduce it further. Default is unset.
# AUTOCLEAN enables portage to automatically clean out older or overlapping
# packages from the system after every successful merge. This is the
# same as running 'emerge -c' after every merge. Set with: "yes" or "no".
# This does not affect the unpacked source. See 'noclean' below.
# FEATURES are settings that affect the functionality of portage. Most of
# these settings are for developer use, but some are available to non-
# developers as well.
# 'buildpkg' causes binary packages to be created of all packages that
# are merged.
# 'ccache' enables ccache support via CC.
# 'cvs' feature for developers that causes portage to enable full
# settings and USE flags in SRC_URI and has wide effects --
# don't set this unless you're ready for it.
# 'digest' autogenerate a digest for packages.
# 'distcc' enables distcc support via CC.
# 'fixpackages' allows portage to fix binary packages that are stored in
# PKGDIR. This can consume a lot of time. 'fixpackages' is
# also a script that can be run at any given time to force
# the same actions.
# 'keeptemp' prevents the clean phase from deleting the temp files ($T)
# from a merge.
# 'keepwork' prevents the clean phase from deleting the WORKDIR.
# 'noauto' causes ebuild to perform only the action requested and
# not any other required actions like clean or
# 'noclean' prevents portage from removing the source and temporary files
# after a merge -- for debugging purposes only.
# 'nostrip' prevents stripping of binaries.
# 'notitles' disables xterm titlebar updates (which contain status info).
# 'sandbox' enable sandbox-ing when running emerge and ebuild
# 'strict' causes portage to react strongly to conditions that
# have the potential to be dangerous -- like missing or
# incorrect Manifest files.
# 'userpriv' allows portage to drop root privleges while it is compiling
# as a security measure, and as a side effect this can remove
# sandbox access violations for users.
# 'usersandbox' enables sandboxing while portage is running under userpriv.
# unpack -- for debugging purposes only.
#FEATURES="sandbox buildpkg ccache distcc userpriv usersandbox notitles noclean noauto cvs keeptemp keepwork"
# CCACHE_SIZE sets the space use limitations for ccache. The default size is
# 2G, and will be set if not defined otherwise and ccache is in features.
# Portage will set the default ccache dir if it is not present in the
# user's environment: ${PORTAGE_TMPDIR}/ccache (/var/tmp/ccache).
# Sizes are specified with 'G' 'M' or 'K'.
# '4G' for 4 gigabytes, '4096M' for 4 gigabytes, etc... Default is 2G
# RSYNC_RETRIES sets the number of times portage will attempt to retrieve
# a current portage tree before it exits with an error. This allows
# for a more successful retrieval without user intervention most times.
# RSYNC_TIMEOUT sets the length of time rsync will wait before it times out
# on a connection. Most users will benefit from this setting as it will
# reduce the amount of 'dead air' they experience when they run across
# the occasional, unreachable mirror. Dialup users might want to set this
# value up around the 300 second mark.
# RSYNC_EXCLUDEFROM is a file that portage will pass to rsync when it updates
# the portage tree. Specific chucks of the tree may be excluded from
# consideration. This may cause dependency failures if you are not careful.
# The file format is one pattern per line, blanks and ';' or '#' lines are
# comments. See 'man rsync' for more details on the exclude-from format.
INPUT_DEVICES="evdev keyboard mouse joystick"

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Post by antihaxer » Sat Sep 02, 2006 3:09 pm

I fixed it and finally emerged it and got it installed. So now when I put a .php in apache it won't show up. It only lets me download it. How do I get php running now?

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Post by Snaver » Sat Sep 02, 2006 5:56 pm

emerge apache again, and make sure you put php as a use flag.

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Post by antihaxer » Sat Sep 02, 2006 10:09 pm

How do I do that? Make php as a use flag? I am very new to linux.k

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Post by Snaver » Sat Sep 02, 2006 10:25 pm

pico /etc/make.conf in terminal, then add php, or look for -php. I believe thats how it is done.

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Post by R0Bzombie » Sun Sep 03, 2006 9:32 pm

My linux only Xbox:
160gig hdd
128mb Ram

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Post by antihaxer » Mon Sep 04, 2006 1:49 am

Thanks, how can i uninstall every file already installed?

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Post by Snaver » Mon Sep 04, 2006 10:09 am

emerge --unmerge software

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