Bootloader loading OK - Gentoox loading NOT so OK

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Bootloader loading OK - Gentoox loading NOT so OK

Post by gianx80 » Thu Mar 18, 2010 10:46 am

Hi to all! I have an xbox (I think a 1.1 version one) modded with an LPC MOD with one of the most recent XECUTER2 bioses. I've already tried to boot from disc many linux distributions for my xbox: the bootloader loads fine, but when it tries to boot the CD/DVD the TV screen turns black, the xbox eject button blinks red for a second and then remains orange.
When I try to boot Gentoox (Home 7.1), the bootloader loads fine . The CD/DVD starts fine (not all the times). I install it to F. The "first time wizard" starts ad does its work. Then I cannot boot Gentoox (the eject button blinks green). I managed to boot Gentoox only one time after the first installation (I installed Gentoox twice). I tried to boot it from DVD, from HDD using boxplorer and from loader.xbe through evolutionx.

Please help me and excuse me for my English.

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