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I am stuck (after failed install)

Posted: Thu Mar 11, 2010 7:50 pm
by wisnoskij
MD5 Hash Passed.
wiped the hard drive by following the onscreen instructions on boot disk.
attempted Native install.
Picked no for flashing BIOS.
and it failed with message (as close as I can remember it):
"failed to install
Error (decompress rootf)"
Then it went through some shutdown sequence where it seemed to finish/hang right after saying something about shutting down the hard drive I think (but the last lines were obscured by the edge of the TV) so eventually I pressed the power button.

My situation now:
If I boot without disk in, I get a screen with: "Service required. Call Customer Support. ...."
If I boot with disk in, It loads without allowing me to change anything (auto picks Fatx menu option).
A bunch of text flashes on the screen quickly.
Gets to the page that asks you to either type in "avocado" or highlight and press B.
But not able to see any cursor or have anything to happen when pressing controller buttons.

and any FTP I try fails, in either of the stable screens ("avocado" or "Service required").

So as far as I can tell I did not mess with any BIOS stuff but still managed to basically brick by xbox (but if all else fails I guess I can just remove and fix the HDD).

Re: I am stuck (after failed install)

Posted: Mon Mar 15, 2010 12:45 am
by wisnoskij
hmm, and now it is just randomly working.
except that the resolution/overscan (so much overscan, almost impossible to even log in without keyboard since the onscreen one is half off screen) makes it impossible to do anything with, but hopefully some settings changes will fix that.