(Semi)Native install with Custom Partition Table?

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(Semi)Native install with Custom Partition Table?

Post by rbsfou » Sat Jan 31, 2009 2:28 am

I don't suppose anyone knows of a way to get the Linux kernel to recognize an extra partition or two beyond hda56? If i could convince it that the unused space indeed contained a bootable filesystem this would convince to get a very large HD for my xbox.

The reason is, if i was ever to find a PATA >1TB HD (or find a SATA PATA convertor that's not a cheap pile of slave-labour junk), i would have at maximum two FATX 32k cluster partitions, F and G (if linux would mount them OK of course :( ), and the rest of the disk would be useless (or even if i had a 1TB HD and stuck with 16k on F < 137MB, 512mb 32k G i would have left over space then too).

I keep reading talk of a "Native Install" of GentooX, but what does this entail? Is this Cromwell-in-bios with MBR partitioning scheme and Linux FS (a la x86 pc) or something crazy involving using xbox partitions for Linux FS's instead of FATX, and cromwell living in C as evoxdash.xbe? Would be nice if the answer to this was in the FAQ...

EDIT : Scratch that last one, i just RTFF'd (Q&A sticky topics). Cromwell as evoxdash.xbe might work nicely for un-TSOP-able 1.6's though ;)

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