Need disc to boot?... oiy [fixed]

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Need disc to boot?... oiy [fixed]

Post by DrLame » Thu Jul 10, 2008 2:48 am

I did a native install onto F using a dvd burned with the stardust iso. It took a few tries since I really needed 3.9gigs free instead of the 3.5 it told me. It finally installed, xbox was rebooted, and nothing shows up under applications in evox. I can't figure out any way to launch it except by putting in the stardust disc again, letting it go to the boot menu, removing the disc, and telling it to boot from fatx. I know I should be able to just straight launch it from evox... so any ideas why I can't?

edit: This was easy to fix. I ended up having to reinstall onto a different box that has a bad dvd drive, so I did the ftp tutorial. At the bottom of the ftp tutorial it tells you to edit the config file for evoX to add GentooX to the modded dashboard. Was very similar to what I needed to do (I started using UnleashX again).

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