noob login question

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noob login question

Post by luken » Sun Apr 06, 2008 9:52 pm

I think I'm almost there. I did the native install and it went smoothly. Problem is, I dont have the usb adapter to use a keyboard. Its asking for a login but I cant type anything. I tried to SSH with putty but it wouldn't connect. I think I may have to be logged in first but wanted to ask to be sure. I tried to FTP and got a server response but Im unsure of the login. Im using executer. Do you know of any other way of getting in without buyin the usb adapter?


**Actually, Im thinking that SSH is not loading prior to login. My real question is does SSH need to be enabled after first login?**

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Re: noob login question

Post by clpalmer » Mon Apr 07, 2008 3:52 pm

What address did you try to connect to with putty? The same one that shows on the screen on bootup? Have you made sure to put yourself in the same subnet as that address? ie. If your local network at home is and the machine reports being, you can't just directly connect. You'll have to first put your machine on the 192.168.0. subnet or it won't route properly. Just change your computer address to (or anything else on that subnet) and try again.

Of course, this may depend also on how your home network is set up.

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