internet tethering and usb flash drive

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internet tethering and usb flash drive

Post by carl1234 » Wed Mar 26, 2008 6:13 am

I had 2 questions. first (probably the easier), how do I access a usb flash drive? the second question is more complicated. I have a ppc 6800 wm6 phone. I would like to share the internet. does anyone know a way to tether this phone in gentoox? thanks for any help! :D

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Re: internet tethering and usb flash drive

Post by rbsfou » Sat Jan 31, 2009 3:21 am

Well, as regards the first question, as long as GentooX has usb mass storage support, the following *should* work:

Plug the stick in, then use lsusb to check it has been recognized, then type in "dmesg". One of the most recent lines should tell you the device name the stick has been given by the kernel, for instance sdb. Some devices are partitioned, others are not, but this will be mentioned also if this is the case.

You can then mount it by making a mount point (e.g. mkdir /mnt/mystick ) and mounting it (e.g. mount -t vfat /dev/sdb /mnt/mystick ). If your stick is partitioned you would also need to specifiy the partition number after the device name (e.g. sdb1 for the first partition - most likely - in this example)

Once done, change into the /mnt/mystick directory and cp and mv stuff around at will.... You'll probably be only able to write to the fat filesystem as the root user (unless you added -o uid=nnn,gid=nnn when mounting). When finished, you will need to unmount the stick (e.g. umount /mnt/mystick) and you may wish to delete the mount point too (e.g. rmdir /mnt/mystick) . It's a good idea to run 'sync' as well, to make sure everything is written to the stick before you yank it.

For auto-mounting to work you would need to have udev / hotplug with hal running, and a hal aware file manager (like gnome's nautilus) would be nice too.....

The second question sounds semi-horrendous - you will need a piece of software on your phone allowing it to act as a NAT router / DNS Forwarder / DHCP server / Wireless Access point (the "tethering" of which you speak) . Unless your phone has a compact flash slot with an ethernet adpater in it (which is doubtful), you will need a wireless bridge for your xbox configured to use the SSID the phone is broadcasting, with the necessary encryption set up (the DWL-G810 is configurable from the xbox dash i hear, others have a web interface - so be aware of address range conflicts when trying to access this!).

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