network settings dcop related [SOLVED]

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network settings dcop related [SOLVED]

Post by blighty » Fri Jun 01, 2007 4:00 pm

Ooops! Broken my new native home instal already, was having a look at my network settings & changed the hostname slightly.
Now when I try to log in at the log in screen with either gentoox or root i get an error when setting up interprocess comunications

could not read network connections list
/home/gentoox/DCOPserver_x20x gentoox 0

please check that the "dcopserver" is running


Been looking around on gentoo forums and found that adding a space into the host name
causes problems and I also think there may also be something else i should have done in order to change the host name correctly.

picked up a few bits of code that I wanted to try

Code: Select all

Resctoox:> chown -R gentoox /home/gentoox
chown: unknown user name: gentoox


Code: Select all


Resctoox:> newhost
rsh: newhost: not found

I only changed the name because I noticed how fast the file transferre is on resctoox
& wanted to know why it hangs for ages before sending a file. It doesn`t make too much diffrence when sending a large file but loads of small ones makes it hang for the most of the process. so i noticed both xbox`s have the same name & thought that may be it & didn`t see the harm in chaanging it :roll:

Strangely I`m enjoying the problems i`ve been having with it as I still have a nice & speedy native gentoox xbox to lend a hand to fix it, :D makes it more fun!

edit 2,

turns out all I had to do was nano the hostname file & the
hosts file & rename the hostname there to get it back up and running again.

I realize that i could have reinstalled the gentoox to fix it as all my data i`d like to keep is on my hdb but i`d have learned nothing from that other than to not touch settings that I don`t fully understand.

2x xbox v1.0 gentoox home native
2x stock 10GB`s (both built for free :D )

Thanks 2 cheesyboofs, Steinar T & of course ShALLaX.

Falcon; jtag, xbr, 160gb hdd

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