Gentoox, Samba, Torrent & UPnP Media server

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Gentoox, Samba, Torrent & UPnP Media server

Post by chrisb » Fri May 18, 2007 9:29 am

Hi all you Gentoox gods..

Im a pretty noob in this linux world, but Im trying yo learn.
I want a nice little box to Samba, Torrent and a UPnP media server.
I have installed Gentoox, Samba and Webmin, following Cheesyboofs fantastic guide.. Thannks alot for that nice guide..
Now I just need a torrent client and a UPnP media server on the box, then Im happy..
Im think Im going for Azureus at the torrent, because it can run headless, and there is a nice remote client for it. (AzSMRC) But I dont know how??
And for the UPnP server, well, there Im lost to..

Can anybody help me? I really like this to get up and running for my digital home..

// ChrisB

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Post by clpalmer » Sun May 20, 2007 3:48 pm

I use rtorrent. It's a command line version with a pseudo ncurses style gui. Dunno if you need more functionality then just grabbing a torrent, but if not, it's easy and has low overhead.

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