Users and thining out

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Users and thining out

Post by jloyd » Mon Apr 23, 2007 10:44 pm

Hi, I have managed to do a completely native install.
I am quiet new to linux, i use red hat at work but cannot mess around with it so my knowledge is pretty limited.
My question is can i safely delete users that i am not going to use (my sole aim is a NAS). so root guest and maybe ftp would be all i would use. so could i remove accounts like games gentoox sshd and such?
My second question is how do i go about working out what i need and what i can remove safely, both applications that are installed and running services.
Thanks for the help in advanced

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Post by orochi » Wed Apr 25, 2007 6:19 am

some users are there not for us to use, but for permissions and programs to run under. Might as well keep them, the only one that is added by Gentoox is the user gentoox, just change the password to something you know, and no one can login under that user.

its been a while since I removed daemons from running on my box, but you can remove gpm from starting with your box, it allows you to use the controller as a mouse in text based consoles

Code: Select all

rc-update del gpm
(I think its called gpm)

you might want to add "-cups" to your USE flag, when you emerge samba, unless you want printing support. Other than that, welcome to Linux, and Gentoox!

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