this'll teach me for not looking what im doing....

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this'll teach me for not looking what im doing....

Post by lumpmonkey » Fri Jan 07, 2005 10:01 pm

Ran magic to get the updated 5.1 bootloader, wandered off to get a snack when it was going, came back and seemed to be ok.

However now it seems my bootloader is nackered :(

When in the bios i can only select boot stardust from CD, none of the other options are available. I know i'll get a lot of told you so's for this, and they would be justified :oops: Also if i try to boot stardust (Home ed CD) i get an [!!] appear when it tries to load the vmlinuz bit.

I've tried rescootx with no joy. According to the main bootloader screen i'm still running v4.7 of the bootloader. I have flashed it again with an older version just to make sure.

Any ideas how i get out of this mess? a format isnt desirable at the moment

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