changing file/folder permissions on a fatx partition

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changing file/folder permissions on a fatx partition

Post by lumpmonkey » Fri Oct 01, 2004 7:41 pm

I've trawled through the old posts, but can't find a conclusive answer. Please flame away if this isn't the case!

I want mldonkey to be able to use the f drive to store temp files and completed files as the linux partition isn't big enough. My rootfs is on the e drive.
I've tried to chown appropriate folders but it always says operation not permitted.

I've looked at fstab and the UMASK is set to 0000, magic has been run up to date and yet I still can't change ownership of folders.

My head hurts from reading all the past posts, but hints I've seen is that maybe fatx doesn't support file permissions?

If someone knows a way around this other than giving mldonkey su rights let me know :)

I've probably missed something obvious so I've put this in the newbie section to avoid some of the heat :D

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Post by nobspangle » Sat Oct 02, 2004 9:06 am

of course fatx doesn't support file permissions, why would it need to? It's also based on fat which doesn't have any support for file permissions.

Thing is if there is no file permissions there is no problem (unless you need to stop something from accessing a file)

Make sure the mount point that you have F mounted on is chmod 777
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