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flaming network

Posted: Fri Apr 02, 2004 4:32 am
by XianDrinker
Hey, first what a plesure it is to experience gentoo x. thank you!
ok here is the situation, (i have checked online to find help, but i just cant get the resources)


Ill start with, i have a 3 PC network system all using win XP. i have the xbox in my bedroom, where i plan to take over the world, but before i can continue i need some info on whta to buy to get it online.

now the bedroom is a good distance from the server room so cable is not an issue. i want to go wireless but the pcs are not wireless.

so heres the question

if i buy the offical XBOX wiress solution, will that work with gentoo x?
is their a cheaper method?

can i have a wireless station aswell as a cable? as i never went wireless as the pcs are all next to each other.

so my theory is... i buy a wireless station, and hook it up to the server and then find a way to get the xbox to communicate with the wireless station?

i hope this makes sense or someone can understand my nurotic mind



remember guys,,, cheap as possible!

Posted: Fri Apr 02, 2004 7:59 am
by nobspangle
you need two wireless bridges, you plug one into your network then the other goes into your xbox, I've got a building to building link at work done with two cheap netgear access points (the 54G model) operating in bridge mode and that works great, it's about 200m distance through concrete walls into a block of flats.