Cromwell hanging on "Starting Linux"

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Cromwell hanging on "Starting Linux"

Post by TelaKeppi » Mon Mar 22, 2010 9:01 pm

I recently modded my xbox to use as a fileserver. Its v1.2 modded with Blue DuoX2 GS chip. Using vanilla Arch Linux base install (on spare pc), i downgraded my gcc to 4.1.2 since cromwell wouln't compile with default 4.3. I applied the 2.40-r3 patches before compiling. I flashed the second bank with cromwell using EurAsia generic flash 1.3 disc. With the same linux install, i also compiled kernel with linux patches (this kernel boots fine with the machine, so its atleast working on pc). Now whenever i try to use the cromwell to actually boot something, it just gets stuck to "Starting Linux" and my eject led starts to flash orange. Now i know its not the media, since the EurAsia disc boots just fine with the other bank (where i have X2 5035 installed). Swapping the original hd to one with native linux with my custom kernel gives the same. Choosing hda from cromwell starts to decompresses the kernel and initrd, shows "starting linux" and then nothing.

What am i missing here? The obvious is my cromwell compile, but since there is no binary available anywhere, i can't rule it out. Then the media, but wouldn't the other bios rule it out aswell. EurAsia disc boots fine with X2. Also in both cases with EurAsia disc and my native linux disk cromwell finds linuxboot.cfg and starts to decompress kernel and initrd.

Could someone point me to working cromwell 2.40-r3 binary? Is the Gentoox loader only for Gentoo, or could i try that instead? Atleast it's available as a binary.

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Re: Cromwell hanging on "Starting Linux"

Post by C01eMaN » Mon Apr 05, 2010 10:43 pm

the gentoox loader is actually a patched version of chromwell so yes it will work with any linux distro. im using it with xdebian at the moment.

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