Linux 2.6, along with a few other things

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Linux 2.6, along with a few other things

Post by C01eMaN » Mon Jun 11, 2007 5:34 pm

kernel for starters...
im looking for a pre compiled version of the 2.6 version of the kernel
i dont need fatx support, because im fully native, i am a noob at compiling kernels and ive just about gave up,
so im calling for some help with either assisting or compiling a kernel then uploading it to somewhere for me

im looking for some ebuilds for some upnp servers but i havent found anything yet ive google'd and found some software that i think may be suitable like MediaTomb, and ushare ill try and build them manually tho so they arent a priority at the min

anyway thanks for looking and thanks for anyhelp :)

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