Can I install Gentoox on F: like this?

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Can I install Gentoox on F: like this?

Post by BitBasher » Sun Sep 03, 2006 10:05 am

I have all my xbox apps in my F:\apps folder, and I launch them from Evox. I try to keep my E: drive virgin with nothing by TDATA and UDATA.

I was wondering if I could run Gentoox by installing these files:
  • sprkrd.gz
into F:\apps\gentoox. I'd then place the files:
  • rootfs
in the root of F:\ and I'd also update linuxboot.cfg to set "installtype=f-drive". I can then set evox find and launch F:\apps\gentoox\gentooxx.xbe.

Will that work, or does gentooxx.xbe have hardcoded references to the E: drive? Also, can gentooxx.xbe be renamed to default.xbe? Of course, all this assumes I'm doing an FTP install of Gentoox.


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