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Bold project of epic perportions

Posted: Thu Jul 15, 2004 4:56 am
by Lunpa
Being a gentoo user on my main computer, I was pretty excited to see a version for the xbox.

I'm going to be working on a game-controler oriented windowmanager/desktop environment, designed for managing emulated classic games and variouse media, and to use any usb devices as little as possible. I was thinking gentoox would be the envronment to design it to run on, as I know from gentoo, I could set it up to do only what I need, and not what some fool who made the distro thinks I need. Most of the developement won't actualy happen on an xbox, just debugging. (also, if anyone is intrested, I'm thinking of developing it in scheeme lisp)

Would I be right it thinking gentoox pro would be the version I should use, because I'm not going to want/need anything to be bundled with it?

Also, what the hell is the 'magic' command for? I've never have ran into it untill today...

Posted: Thu Jul 15, 2004 9:27 am
by Bucko
Hi, sounds a great project, yer pro has no xfree stuff in it etc, remeber xbox has 64mb ram and also a lot of games have already been ported to the xbox or emulated in some way.

Posted: Fri Jul 16, 2004 10:16 pm
by Lunpa
but I could cetrantly emerge X, right?
Also, 64mb ram should be plenty for emulating snes, nes, gameboy, etc etc... any fun old system that the roms for would be easily available because they're so damn old.
I don't care about new comercial games... most of them suck ass... but I think this would be a fun project, and maby even better than buying an old nes and trying to find games for it and snes...

So, yah... XD

Oh, and what the crap is the 'magic' command that I see so often in the faqs? I've never encountered it untill I've been browseing this site o.O...

Posted: Fri Jul 16, 2004 11:30 pm
by Trogdor
"Magic" is a shell script written by ShALLaX for Gentoox, and is used to download and apply Gentoox-related patches.

Posted: Sat Jul 17, 2004 7:57 am
by nobspangle
when you come to install X you should either use magic or look at the magic script first otherwise you'll run into problems trying to get the display to work.