Newbie in GentooX / XBOX Q:A Please

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Newbie in GentooX / XBOX Q:A Please

Post by fs » Thu Jan 19, 2006 9:09 pm

Hi everybody,

i am using XBOX v1.6b production and used it for about 5 months with debian and fedora. I dislike both distributions because of the masses of errors in it, also the support is poor.

I now changed to GentooX, flashed the chip with 6.01 loader and did webupdate to get the latest bios (was 6.01 ;) ).

Q: Am i now ready to download the GentooX pro edition (i admire cmdline only), and install it the way im used to install every other system ?

Q: Does GX fully support my XBOX v1.6b version, because xebian and xfedora did not fully support it and my system hangs up every 12 hours (or around) with a lot of numbers on my screen, or it just screws up the system and all data is lost ?

Thank you for support


// addition

Q: I formatted whole HDD, does GentooX support using whole Harddrive (10 GB) for Linux only ?


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Post by clpalmer » Mon Jan 23, 2006 5:52 pm

As to the third question, the standard gentoox install does not support a fully formatted HDD. It must first be xbox-ised using another method of your choice. However, there are ways to install gentoox as you'd like, and if you search the forums for "full native install" or something to that effect, you should find a detailed description on how.


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