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Post by dopey » Tue Sep 19, 2006 8:57 am

As to the old question of why you lost network access inside your chroot; you need to copy your /etc/resolv.conf from your host computer to your mounted rootfs. Plust you should also mount you dev and proc filesystems inside your mounted chroot. You will then have your network so long as your host has a network. Example:

mount rootfs /mnt -oloop
cp /etc/resolv.conf /mnt/etc/
mount /dev /mnt/dev --bind
mount /proc /mnt/proc --bind
mount /sys /mnt/sys --bind
chroot /mnt /bin/bash
source /etc/profile

if you have a amd64 linux install then you must run linux32 while you chroot like this:
linux32 chroot /mnt /bin/bash

Personally I run Gentoox from an NFS root with everything extracted outsid of the rootfs file. This is much faster than the fatx loop rootfs plus there is no longer a size limitation. As an added benifit I no longer have to copy the rootfs to the host machine and back as it's already there. I even have the host compile things while the xbox is booted to Gentoox. Works like a charm.

After saying all that, I cannot run magic from the chroot environment on the host (emerge works fine though). Magic always looks for the I2C device and fails. It seems that magic is hardcoded to only function when this particular device is present and since it's only on the xbox magic fails. It would be nice if it didn't have this limitation, but it's manageable. At least most of the work can be done on the host. . .

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