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Home Edition...

Post by lucky-7 » Mon Sep 27, 2004 2:18 pm

Hey guys. Everything looks hunky-dory, I've done a fair bit of reading so I didn't look stupid, but here I am about to do it anyways.

I've been wanting to try linux on my xbox forever, but I decided to wait until I had a working keyboard. My generic POS keyboard works fine in Avalaunch now, so time to give gentoox a crack.

Ok, I'm going with the FTP install, mostly because I can't find a blank cd right at the moment, and because I trust it more, my Phillips drive is pretty picky. I haven't done it yet and won't until I'm sure of a few things, but all is downloaded and ready to go when I get the word ;)

My newbie questions are:

1: Doing an FTP install of Home Edition, I am under the impression that I will NOT lose my games on the F drive (137/160GB Maxtor, no LBA48) please tell me this is true as I really don't want to back 46 games up again!!

2. I will not lose any additional information off of my E: drive either, including save games and settings for xbmc... again, please verify.

3. As long as I remember to SHUT linux down before hitting the power switch I'm good to go!?

4. What does this thing look like? I have never seen linux (or any of the 'Window controllers/themes' or whatever they're called). So, does this distro come with some sort of GUI or am I really going to be breaking in my new keyboard to get something visual that everyone in my house can use?

Basically, I don't like use XBMC plays music/videos... I have grown very attached to my Winamp over the years and it blows ass comparitively. I mean, is playing random music videos too much to ask? Or just highlighting a few folders and playing through randomly? That, Web browsing, and some occassional parlour tricks with a webcam or messenger service are all I want. If I'm going the right way, let me know. Or if there's something else, again, please let me know.

Thanks for the help guys. Sorry for the long post.

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Post by AoD » Mon Sep 27, 2004 8:35 pm

Hiho Newb :P

1. No harm to F with FTP install
2. No harm to E with FTP install (you just need 4gb free space there, and thats MUCH for E, so you maybe have to delete some saves)
3. Yup you need to shutdown Linux, GentooX has a simple link in the "startmenue" for that
4. If you can use/install Windows, you will have no problems with basic use of GentooX

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