Xecuter/SmartXX LCD support

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Xecuter/SmartXX LCD support

Post by zlasher » Thu Feb 02, 2006 9:19 pm

Hi everyone! - (first post!)

I just love Gentoox - I've used gentoo for a while on other x86 boxes - and this really makes the Xbox worth the space on my desk.

However - I can't seem to find any support (not that I expect Shallax to solve every single users request) for those pretty LCD screens connected to Xecuter chips (or SmartXX, which I guess are pretty much the same thing)..

I would love to be able to use LCDProc for web status and other info on my LCD screen as my server is more or less headless.

I guess the support is here in XBMC (and possibly Mediacenter edition too? I must admit I've never installed your MCE version.. :oops: )

Anyone knows how to get it to work?

Keep up the good work Shallax - This is the best linux distro for the Xbox by far!



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Post by m1d_kn1ght » Fri Apr 07, 2006 7:36 pm

Already posted dood.

Check out this post.

XBox v1.6

Xecuter 3 mod
200Gb PATA Hard disk
X3 Control Panel

Gentoox Home v4
Apache 2 - PHP5
Qmail - vpopmail

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