-10- NoOb QuEsTiONs!

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-10- NoOb QuEsTiONs!

Post by endo_602 » Sun Aug 13, 2006 8:52 am

I have various questions that need answering... any help would be appreciated. thanks.

1. Lag- GentooX is slow (laggy style) on my box and so was my Xebian when it was installed... i realize that there is only 64 meg in an xbox. but is there any way i can speed up load time? I heard kde may need some sort of visual drivers or somthing to make it run faster?

2. Removing Programs- GentooX Home is excellent for programs. It has just about everything. But some programs I dont really need to use. My *start menu sorta button* is jam packed full of stuff im not going to use. I was wondering how i remove thoes programs.

3. Adding Programs- How exactly do you add a program in gentooX? I have no clue....

4. Wine/WineX - I want to install wine or wineX so i can play Ultima Online. Does anyone know if UO is compatable w/ winex or wine on gentoox? if so how do i go about doing it? i looked into this, but cant seem to find solid instructions from a blank desktop.

5. Startup Programs - How do i tweak the startup menu... (basically the only thing i wanna do is disable the virtual keyboard)

6. Resolution - How do i change my resolution to 600x800?

7. Overclocking - Is there any way to overclock my xbox using a program in gentoox/linux?

8. P2P Filesharing - Does anyone have a reccomendation/direct link for a good p2p filesharing program?

9. How do i enable auto-login (so i dont have to type username:gentoox password:xbox on startup)? *btw is there anyway i can get it to where i have admin privleges so i dont have to go to termainal and type 'su' and password for root access....

10. Description - okay... im very new to linux... and what i understand is that linux is a operating system based off of interlinked 3rd party programs....? okay... so... anyways, in the file structure compared to windows... you have a home folder (like the my docs folder) and a root folder (the 'windows' and 'program files' folder) right? i dunno if this crap is right or not, im just guessing.... im just tryin to figure out this structural crap.... and the 'terminal' command line crap, so to speak... is what you use to install programs and edit cfg files? This last question is totatlly noob, but can someone explain the basic archiving/file structure and where and how files are archived?

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Post by blighty » Sun Aug 20, 2006 4:19 pm

Take a look here for a good starting point & bookmark it too :D

http://www.gentoo.org/doc/en/handbook/h ... xml?part=0

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Post by orochi » Sun Aug 20, 2006 8:10 pm

1. yes kde runs slow, use xfce (or pro) to gain more performance without adding another 64mb of ram

2. edit some config files or options in the GUI to remove what you want from the menu's

3. use the search function, or checkout the manual above, hint: emerge

4. google is your best bet for this, also checkout http://wiki.winehq.org/Gentoo

5. http://gentoox.shallax.com/modules.php? ... ral+FAQ#62

6. xbvset

7. by software means no

8. emerge -s <name of app here>

9. auto login im sure can be done, Ive never done it nor would i reccomend it, and its bad news bears to be root all the time, if you wanted that, might as well run a windows box :\

10. In Unix/GNU Linux/BSD/OSX everything is considered a file, a stream of '1's and '0's and there are no drive letter identifiers.

Everything stems from root "/" and users's home folders are found in /home/<username>/ there are much better explanations online than mine etc.

To see how things are laid out in a typical nix system open up a terminal simply type

Code: Select all

ls -la /

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Post by gnif » Thu Sep 14, 2006 4:52 am

1. In my experiance, with xebian and gentoox... running non-native (with a loopback install) is very slow/laggy since it has to re-direct every hdd access through the CPU twice. If you run "top" you will notice that while you are doing anything thats slow, the loopback process will be using almost 100% cpu.

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