FTP install MCE - tutorial not clear

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FTP install MCE - tutorial not clear

Post by guinness » Wed Sep 07, 2005 7:54 pm

OK I am attempting to install MCD on my F drive.

I have read the MCE 1.3 manual, FTP install, and manual and the De/Installation tutorial. Each document in one way or another mentions files that are not included on the MCE iso.

The MCE v1.3 manual states:

"When installing from scratch, you will be required to first execute the "CD" portion, this is done by inserting the Gentoox Media Center CD and selecting the "Stardust" icon from the boot screen."

When I booted the CD I got two icons
one icon says CD/DVD and the other says ADVANCED. Where is this stardust Icon?

Where is this stardust.iso? Do I need it for MCE?

I selected the CD/DVD icon and things looked promising until an error occurred which halted the install. I rebooted the xbox and now when I selectd CD/DVD I get "Starting CD/DVD" in big green letters accross the bottom of the screen but nothing happends.

Can some one tell me step by step how to install MCE on the F drive (not native) via FTP?

I tried to follow the FTP install tutorial but once again the tutorial called for files that I am unable to locate on the MCE image.

What files from the MCE image do I need to put on the xbox and where do I put them to install MCE.


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