Request : I'd like to have no Gentoox files at all on E

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Request : I'd like to have no Gentoox files at all on E

Post by Truffy » Thu Aug 04, 2005 3:13 pm

I read a lot of topic in this forum, in search of the way to install Gentoox (Home Edition v4) ONLY on F drive.
I will launch it from evox, so I don't choose a native install, neither a flash of my actual bios.
I tried a CD install, and even a ftp install (on E + resctoox to move to F), but the result is always the same :
- rootfs and swap files are on F
- but the other files (init, config, gentooxx.xbe,...) are installed on E

For the moment I've no problem of free space on E. Even it may happen in the future, it's not my main constraint.
In fact, I want to have ALL my dashboards, apps, movies,... on F, and nothing else than UDATA, TDATA,... on E (mainly for backup reasons,... but that's not the subject).

So I would like to know if there is a technical constraint to keep these files on E in the packaging of Gentoox ?
Is there a way to have all the files only on F ? (I've got Unix kowledge, so don't hesitate to enter technical discussion if it's necessary).
If not, is it possible to schedule this request for the next release ?

Tanking you by advance.

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