Errors when installing to 1.6 xbox w/xecuter3

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Errors when installing to 1.6 xbox w/xecuter3

Post by UrbanNightmare » Wed Feb 16, 2005 4:05 pm

Hello all. I'm not new to Linux but I am new to the xbox. I just got a Mechassault 2 xbox (v1.6 from the pictures) and I'm trying to install gentoox on it. The first problem is HD space on the stock HD. It came with a 10Gig drive but the fatx partition hda50 is only 2.5 gigs. There is no hda55. All the other partitions are around the 500 to 700 meg range (hda51 thru 54). So I replaced the HD with a 40 gig that I had. I wasn't to concerned at this point with getting all the xbox files over. Gentoox formated all the partions fine and started to install. It got to the point of unraring the rootfs but only get about 2 to 4% done before it bombs with either a null pointer error or just reports a bad crc. I mounted the dvd on my other linux box (also gentoo) and was able to unrar the distro file no prob. I've got the cromwell 2.40 and is what I'm booting the gentoox dvd from. Also when I boot the gentoox pro 1.5 and start the install it only allows a E: install. Typing native or F just errors out of the script.

If you need any more info just let me know.

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Post by ShALLaX » Thu Feb 17, 2005 1:08 am

1.6s are currently too unstable (depending on the ram you have in them).
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Post by Trevante » Thu Feb 17, 2005 3:13 am

Did you try an ftp install?

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Post by vplayer » Thu Feb 17, 2005 2:00 pm


I would be guessing thats what he did..
I mounted the dvd on my other linux box (also gentoo) and was able to unrar the distro file no prob
Why not try to install it from the cd. And if you get only the E option, just do that and you can always move it to the F drive later
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